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关于考研英语写作 你必知的结尾精彩模板


1. It ishoped that we should place much emphasis on/pay more attention to...

例:It is hoped that we should pay more attention to the problems ofunemployment.

2. Only inthis way/only when/only through..., will/can we...

例:It is only if all sides of society take their roles fully that we willachieve the society we want.

3. As longas..., we will be able to.../the problems is bound to...

例:As long as we persist in spreading scientific knowledge among themasses, all the superstitions are bound to go out of our life.

4. In thecourse of time/In a long run/In the long term, sth. is more likely/bound/sureto...

例:In a long run, the practice of birth control is believed to do a greatbenefit to the future of China.

5. In a word,there is every/little chance/probability/possibility that...in time to come.

例:In a word, there is every chance that this wise move in economic constructionwill acquire a broader significance in time to come.

6.Anything/anyone that/who...will have to...

例:Anyone who has a strong bias against China will have to threat her withincreased respect.

7. It is hightime that...

例:It is high time that the issue were to be solved so as to promote theeconomic development.

8. We shoulddo our best in eliminating...

例:We should do our best in eliminating air pollution.

9. Theproblem is not...; the problem is...

例:The problem is not that we cannot do it; the problem is that we hate todo such nasty things.

10.In orderto..., we must...

例:In order to make our world a better place in which to live, we mustlearn to live in harmony with all wildlife species.

11.All theabove evidence/experience/ facts goes to show that...

例:All the above evidence goes to show that the birth of computer hasbenefited our life greatly.

12.Nosurprising/ It is apparent that the task of...demands/requires/deservesimmediate/serious/considerable attention/consideration.

例:It is, therefore, apparent that the task of fighting against corruptionrequires considerable consideration now.

13.We cancome to the conclusion that...

例:We can come to the conclusion that living on campus is the best way oflearning independence, and of understanding other people and society at large.

14.We thenhave reasons to be confident that in the near future...

例:We then have reasons to be confident that in the near future, no childis forced out of school because of poverty.

15.Mysuggestion is that...; otherwise...

例:My suggestion is that effective measures should be taken to checkpopulation growth; otherwise, the potential consequences are unimaginable.

16.As for me,I have always been taking care to... So, I...

例:As for me, I have always been taking care to choose a goal and a rightpath before doing anything important. Then I will work hard and perseveringly.So, I have made some achievements and I will do better.

17.So Ibelieve a...tomorrow...will be achieved through efforts of every person.

例:So I believe a safe tomorrow of less car accidents will be achievedthrough efforts of every person.

18.Therefore,we should not only...but...as well.

例:Therefore, we should not only realize that competition and cooperation,like two sides of the coin, have to go hand in hand, but fix more attention onhow to make full use of cooperation as well.

19.In short,...are the major problems to be solved to...

例:In short, shortage of water, decrease of fertile fields andenvironmental pollution are the major problems to be solved to increase grainproduction.

20.Who is tosay that...?

例:Who is to say that our scientists may not provide a better theory?